Image of the Month - Nov 2019

Spoutloch Waterfall

Where - Spoutloch Waterfall near Strathaven

When - A dull overcast afternoon.

Why - The falls are just stunning in black & white.

How - I had photographed the falls a couple of years back after spotting them on an ordnance survey map but the conditions were less than ideal as it was sunny and the water level was low. My technique also left a lot to be desired as I took the images from too far away and tried to cram everything in including the small burn flowing away from the falls.

Having learned from my previous mistakes I timed my visit a couple of days after some heavy rain hoping the falls would look at their best and as is typical with the Scottish weather it was dull and overcast. Conditions were ideal and this time I just focused on the main waterfall cascading down the rocks and made sure I got in close and framed it tight. A polarising filter reduced the glare off the water's surface and surrounding vegetation and a slow shutter speed captured the cascading water in all its glory.

I've chosen this image as it's simply stunning to see the detail that the camera has captured in the falls and its also amazing to think that something so mundane and normal such as a small waterfall on a moorland burn can look very beautiful.

Click here to view a full size image of the Spoutloch Waterfall.

Technical - Pentax K-1 with 24-70mm lens at 53mm, Polarising Filter, cable release and tripod.

Exposure - 1/2 sec @ f/1, ISO 100, RAW capture, Manual Mode, Daylight White Balance.

Waiting for the light - Immediate.

Post-processing - Converted from a RAW file with slight adjustments to white balance, contrast and saturation, converted to black & white.

See you again next month when I choose my favourite image for December.

Hugh Maxwell