Image of the Month - Jan 2019

Ruined Farmhouse

Where - Cairnsaigh Farmhouse ruins near Darvel, Ayrshire.

When - January in the late afternoon.

Why - I love the mood and atmosphere created by the snow.

How - I had walked past the farmhouse ruins during the summer when in the area and saw the potential to create a memorable photograph in the right conditions.

The ruins are surrounded by a small number of large trees and after some overnight snow I returned with the camera to find the scene transformed with snow lying on the ground and on the trees. It was freezing cold and hard work to get to the ruins and at one point I was even caught in a small snowstorm as it passed through. I chose a low viewpoint which allowed the overhanging branches to frame the ruins and a polarising filter to help boost the contrast and saturation of the colours.

I have chosen this image as I simply love the mysterious atmosphere and almost supernatural mood that the snow has added to the scene by simplifying the composition around the ruins. I'm glad I made the effort to venture out into the wintry conditions with the camera.

Click here to view a full size image of the Ruined Farmhouse.

Technical - Pentax K-1 with 24-70mm lens at 27mm, Polarising Filter, cable release and tripod.

Exposure - 1/30sec @ f/13, ISO 100, RAW capture, Manual Mode, Daylight White Balance.

Waiting for the light - Immediate.

Post-processing - Converted from a RAW file with slight adjustments to white balance, contrast and saturation.

See you again next month when I choose my favourite image for February.

Hugh Maxwell