Image of the Month - Nov 2018


Where - Glenbuck Loch near Muirkirk, Ayrshire.

When - Early November in the late afternoon.

Why - I simply love this timeless view of the loch and the distant hills framed by the beautiful autumn coloured trees.

How - It was pure luck that I stumbled across this viewpoint as I had been walking backwards and forwards along the loch side for about 30 minutes or so exploring and looking for a composition that included the autumn coloured trees, the waters of the loch and the nearby hills. I had already tried a couple of spots but the images simply didn't work so I never took any photographs. Conditions were far from ideal as there were few interesting clouds in the sky and it was blowing a gale across the water's surface directly towards my position.

At this time of year the autumn colours are everywhere and I had headed out in the afternoon in the hope of capturing some of this in a photograph. This is always a challenge but I knew from previous visits to the loch that it was surrounded by a number of interesting trees. It was simply a glorious day to be outside with the camera and if I managed to capture a nice image then I saw that as a bonus!

I was originally attracted to this view by the rich golden colours in the trees and used their overhanging branches to partially hide the blue sky and frame the loch and distant hills. A polarising filter helped intensify the colours and reduce reflections off the sky, water and leaves. Patience was needed for several minutes until there was a brief lull in the wind which allowed me to press the shutter and capture this lovely view looking across the waters of the loch with Parishholm hill in the distance. If I had taken the image when the wind was blowing the leaves of the trees would have been all blurry and this would have distracted from the scene.

Click here to view the full size image of Glenbuck Loch.

Technical - Pentax K-1 with 24-70mm lens at 35mm, Polarising Filter, cable release and Tripod.

Exposure - 1/20sec @ f/8, ISO 100, RAW capture, Manual Mode, Daylight White Balance.

Waiting for the light - Immediate.

Post-processing - Converted from a RAW file with slight adjustments to white balance, contrast and saturation.

Thanks for reading and see you again next month when I choose my favourite image for December.

Hugh Maxwell