November News

My first ever blog, updating the website, Image of the month and other stuff.

The website is currently in the process of a long overdue update to include new content and many new images that I've taken over the last 12 months or so as I've been out and about with the camera. I've set myself a realistic time frame and hopefully everything should be updated over the next 2-3 months.

I've now committed myself to writing a monthly blog detailing where I've been with the camera, what I've been shooting, projects I'm working on and any other interesting snippets of news.

A new Exhibition Space gallery has also been created on the site and this will work much like a normal Art Gallery where I will put on display limited edition prints, one-off quality framed photographs and other exclusive items that can be viewed and purchased. It contains a few normal photographs just now but this will change.

I'm also going to feature my chosen 'Image of the Month' which I will select from the previous months photographs and I will list why I've chosen it, what it means to me personally, where it was taken and the techniques/technical settings behind its capture.

Finally, as much as I hate standing in front of the camera and having my picture taken I'm going to upload somewhere 'prominent' on the website a photograph of myself so as people can put a face to the name and recognise me when I'm out and about with the camera. I'm very approachable and It's great to meet and chat to new people who have a shared interest in either photography or the great outdoors.

Thanks for reading and see you again next month.

Hugh Maxwell